The Hudson near Kingston, looking toward the Catskill Mountains.

I focus on readily available and accessible points of view. By using careful observation and waiting for the right time and weather, I try to capture ethereal moments. The camera and the computer are the tools with which I attempt to describe the wonder of landscape.

Recent Work

30 years as an architectural photographer in New York City, now turning toward landscape photography with a focus on the Hudson Valley.

Always ready to take on new projects, if you are interested please contact me and say hello!

s t u d i o (a t) e d u a r d h u e b e r (d o t) c o m


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“I think it’s important to create images that remind people to look and reflect on the beauty that exists on our planet. We all are guilty of taking too much for granted. Now is the time to wake up and SEE, or else we risk losing it all…. I really believe that images have the power to create change in people.”

-Philip de Martino

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